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Communicating in English is possibly the single easiest way to amplify your message and reach.
By. A. Lot.

OMO has years' experience writing to customers and leads in numerous industries, entities, and countries, and adapts to the language of the brand - whether B2B or B2C customers, financial no-frills language, or engaging social media and e-mail marketing messages.

Translations > English

On top of creating content, OMO translates into English. The OMO founder has lived and worked in six languages (German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese - the 6th is English). This ability has proven advantageous for companies that operate in languages other than English, and wish to break into new markets.


    Social Media

  • Posts
  • Blog entries
  • Ad copy
  • Bios, descriptions

  • Branding / Creative copy

  • Taglines
  • Slogans
  • Video script
  • Magazines
  • Product Videos
  • Multimedia materials

  • SEO text

  • Ads (Google, Social Media, Industry Platforms)
  • Keyword (SEO) copy
  • Conversion (CRO) optimized copy
  • Landing-page optimized copy
  • Interviews
  • Bios

  • Corporate communication

  • E-Mails
  • Press releases
  • Financial reports (editing)
  • Technical manuals
  • Instruction manuals
  • Investor relations communication
  • Newsletters

  • Events

  • Save-the-Date
  • Invitations
  • Reminder
  • Follow-up comms
  • Translations into English

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