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Wondering why your website is getting so little traction? That's a pretty common question. Sometimes it's just because there is very little traction, or loads of competition, but oftentimes it's because Google (and other search engines) can't find the benefits of your website and its content.

What are those signs that search engines look for? That question is why OMO offers website tests that identify the structural/architectural strengths and weaknesses of your site, as well as other SEO strengths and weaknesses.

Along with a comprehensive website performance report - in a language you can understand, OMO provides suggestions on what can (need) be done. OMO can carry out a lot of the fixes, or project manage the service providers who can.

Test Options

Cost Depends on # pages:

SEO & Speed

The tests look at speed, keywords, links, broken links, etc.

Data Security*

  1. Data security (DSGVO / GDPR)
  2. Site Notice / Impressum
  3. Cookies Banners

*Here it's important to note that OMO has a tool to create the above. Neither OMO nor the founder assume liability. This is not a replacement for legal counsel.

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Online Marketing One-offs

Occasionally there are one-off website fixes that need to be done. These include the above tests as well as GDPR / DGSVO, Site Notices, Cookies Banners and currently the:

Google Analytics 4 Migration

Google Analytics Migration

GA4 Migration: Did you know that come July 2023, Google Universal Analytics (UA) will sunset? That means that after July 2023, UA data will no longer be recorded which is why now is the time to set up a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property so, come the sunset, you have enough historical data to work with.

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